Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a quick update. The verdict today for Jonah's eyes is surgery. We scheduled a time for the 17th of July. This will be his 8th surgery in the first 8 months of his life. Bless his heart. The eye specialist did say there is a possibility that this will not be the only surgery as this often becomes a "process." Great. I guess we can hope he'll fit in to the 80% category that only requires surgery once but with our track record and the severity of his eyes I'm assuming that won't happen.

The fires from Northern CA are sending us nasty, polluted air which is giving us all grief this week. Both boys are sneezing and Jonah has started with a bit of congestion and phlegm again. I swear he has allergies which is terrible as they won't do anything about it until he is two. The worst part of it is when it becomes really bad he starts spitting up again. He has had a couple of nasty, nasty spit ups this week. We just had three weeks without any spit ups. However, I asked the eye specialist about the Atropine drops he has taken the past three days and she did say it causes "gastrointestinal mobility reversal," so I am guessing that isn't helping things.

Well, we are grateful for answers just sad that it means another surgery for Jonah. Keep him in your prayers.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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