Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today's events: nasty spit up for Jonah. I am disheartened that he has had several nasty spit ups this week, it's has only been one a day but still......we had gone almost three weeks without any spit ups and suddenly this past week he has started up again. I keep hoping it is related to maybe the Atropine drops which can cause stomach irritation (the eye specialist told me it would take 3 weeks for the medication to wear off, great) or maybe it is his sudden spike in sneezing, congestion, etc. I don't think it is the increase in calories as we just started that Thursday and he'd started early this week with spit ups. *Sigh* His allergies which include an increase in phlegm could be affecting things. Too bad most docs don't want to start kids on Zyrtec until two, although there are several micro-preemie moms whose kids' congestion gets so bad they start before then.

We actually are thinking it is the Probiotics but this is the only thing helping Jonah have bowel movements every day. He still doesn't poop right, it isn't loose enough and he still cries through all his bowel movements. But his spit ups coincided a few days after we started the Probiotics. I guess we'll have to weigh what is worse, no poop or spit ups.

Good thing we go to see the GI Clinic (FINALLY) on the 10th of July. I really, really hope they have some helpful suggestions.

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