Friday, July 11, 2008

Ok, so frustrating.

Today we had two spit ups for Jonah (more like vomit tonight, an ounce of vomit). The afternoon spit up he did to himself as he stuck his whole fist in his mouth to chew on and gagged himself. Tonight however, he vomited about an ounce of food.

Today we had slightly increased calories as the dietitian wanted to up his formula a bit but nothing significant (a whopping 1.5 extra calorie per ounce). We did however give him a dose of the Lactulose this afternoon.

Part of me wonders if the GI specialist was really listening to me yesterday. I told him the Probiotics totally made Jonah sick and throw up like crazy but he still gave me another laxative.

Are we missing the problem? I think so.

If he keeps vomiting like this tomorrow I'm going to have to drop the meds and call on Monday to tell his nurse the Lactulose isn't working plus I am so worried it is going to mess up his test on Tuesday.

Part of me wants to put the Lactulose off until after the test but he hasn't pooped in a few days so I'm going to try overnight and tomorrow and see how he reacts. We did stop the tiny increase of calories and will pursue that after his surgery/test next week.

We will see.

Also, Noah ate crappy today, he is totally teething and fighting us on the bottle. I hope he can make up for a bad day of eating this weekend.

Sometimes it feels like the battles never end.

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