Saturday, July 12, 2008

I appreciated an email from my good friend back east whose son is similar to Jonah (I have mentioned her before). I was a bit bothered yesterday, first because three public health nurses just randomly showed up at my home without calling to set an appointment. The referral was made by the social worker who saw us through our health insurance. I was really annoyed that they showed up unannounced and told them next time to make sure and schedule an appointment as they were lucky to find us home plus I have to screen who comes in to our home because of the boys being in isolation.

What bothered me most was the two nurses not doing the assessment would look off and on at Jonah and I caught both of them giving him the "poor baby" look several times. It upset me so badly, Jonah is beautiful.....yes, he doesn't look as healthy as Noah because he can't function his limbs like his brother nor do his eyes focus as well but he is a beautiful, strong spirited little boy. He doesn't need anyone's pity.

Anyways, I emailed my friend and told her of the incident and as usual she lifted my spirits.

She, of course, understood but then sent me a quote that a friend sent her about her son after she shared an incident where at a NICU reunion one of the nurses was saying very rude comments about the scars on her son's face and repeatedly brought up that it was too bad it would affect how his face would look.

Her friend said,

"Every time I see a picture of [your son] like the one up now, I feel sorry for that nurse who made those pitying remarks about his face. She might look, but she, sadly, doesn't see that the light of God comes through his happy smile and those intelligent eyes so clearly. I'm so grateful to have [him] as a teacher."

She then reminded me that Jonah too was a beautiful, valiant spirit and that it showed in every way.

How blessed I am to have great friends! God bless each of you!

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Anonymous said...

Every child that has been giving life is beautiful in there own way, and because he is yours and he is here, he's beautiful in every way, its sooo sad there are so many iggnorant people in this world but someday they'll have to pay for those harsh mean words.

Good to know that I am not the only one that wants to pull there hair out with feedings. lol