Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a quick posting. Tomorrow we leave early in the morning to head down to Fresno. Jonah will undergo his PH Probe study starting late morning until Wednesday. I am dreading the whole process as Jonah has not had anything in way of tubes put in his nose/mouth, etc. since his discharge four months ago.

He screamed to death today when we did his blood work at the pediatrician to clear him for surgery on Thursday. I kept thinking, oh my....tomorrow is going to be so much worse. I just keep hoping we'll make it through the 24 hours with little incident.

He hasn't been on his reflux meds since yesterday morning and so far things have been ok. We have successfully avoided a spit up, so far. We've been really good about feeding him more frequently and less amounts as well as making sure he is upright after eating all to help him because he is not on his reflux meds. I don't want him to be too uncomfortable.

Things did get better over the weekend. I think he is adjusting to the Lactulose. He had a huge poop Saturday morning with the help of a suppository and he has had several small, rather loose poops since. We're watching things to make sure the Lactulose isn't working too well!!

Noah continues to fight us with eating. We just keep battling it out with him. Thank goodness Linda is here to help (Shane's mom), she has been very valiant in trying to get Noah to eat! He certainly is giving all of us a run for our money!

I hope the referral to the feeding team will be quick as we need to get a program figured out for Noah to help him overcome his oral aversions. If we want him to keep growing (he weighed in at 13 pounds 1 ounce today, a 4 ounce difference since last Thursday) then we need him to start eating better!

So that is it for now, we'll keep you posted. I'm not sure if I will have internet for the rest of the week. If I do, I'll post updates on Jonah's condition. His eye surgery is scheduled Thursday but we will not know the time until late Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

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