Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a brief posting tonight. Jonah's surgery is at 7:30 AM tomorrow and we have to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM so I need to get some rest here soon. The probe study went as well as can be expected. Jonah did a lot of fussing and crying. He definitely did not eat nearly as much as he usually does (to be expected). I hope the results will be to continue with his reflux meds as he has been improving with his formula intake and mostly keeping food down with his medications. I think we are supposed to hear something Friday.

Jonah's surgery will be 1.5 hours (at least) and then post-op will probably be another hour or two. They did say most babies/children don't need narcotics for pain just Tyenol so that is really good. I am sleeping with one of his blankies tonight so I can hopefully give it to him after surgery for comfort. The nurse today suggested I bring wash cloths to place on his eyes afterward because it is soothing so I had Shane pack several for tomorrow that we can use.

Pray for our sweet little man, it is hard to believe this is surgery #8. He is such a valiant, courageous little boy. He has had a tough week, little noises make him jump and with reason he is wanting Mom close by at all times. It just amazes me he keeps fighting through all of this. Sometimes I look at him and think it is simply unjust that he must go through so much before his first birthday but I have to keep an eternal perspective and remember that God has a purpose in all things, even when I don't understand.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and prayers and thanks to Linda for being home with Noah and taking good care of him while Shane and I are gone.

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wilkinson_fam said...

So, Jonah's surgery must be over by now. I hope everything is going well and that Jonah is able to bounce back from this quickly. I well remember standing in the hall crying as they took Gracie through the large double doors into the operating room away from me(this happened everytime with every procedure). For some reason, you never think about what parents think and feel in this situation until it happens to you. You will be in my prayers.

Love you, precious mama!