Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surgery went well today for Jonah. He had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia so post-op took longer then normal. I didn't think they would intubate for the procedure but they did so I am certain he has a sore throat on top of his other discomforts. The surgeon said everything went well and that his heart and breathing were fine for the surgery. We are yet to see the improvement but he is opening his eyes and we can see that he focuses straighter. I know this won't completely mend his eyes but we hope that his vision will be greatly improved.

For now we are keeping cool cloths on his eyes at all times. We've tried the ice pack they sent home from the hospital but he is not a fan and keeps wiggling it off, he seems more content with the cold cloths so we are continuing with this plus Tyenol.

We also got the PH Probe results today. The nurse basically said that the test showed he did have high levels of reflux but that the medication he is currently on correlates with what the test showed. She told us if he didn't show improvement on the new levels of reflux meds to call the office but I am hoping with the meds we'll continue to keep things under control so he can eat his formula well. There was no mention of surgery, etc. so I am relieved to hear that.

We're changing the Lactulose dose to see if we can come to a normal consistency for his bowel movements as the amount he was on was causing him to have several runny BM's.

What a week! Phew! I am so relieved it is nearly over. We have a post-op appointment tomorrow and then we finally head home.

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