Saturday, February 14, 2009

Although I plan to post quickly about San Francisco I think the most exciting thing that happened today is that my dad said Jonah has been saying "Mom" all afternoon and evening. He first said it Friday and Shane and I were in shock. Granted, we know he isn't quite aware of the meaning but how exciting nonetheless!

If I had more time I would put together some poetry (I love to write) about our lovely day in San Francisco but these are a few thoughts I collected, or things noticed that brought thoughts to me:

Farmer Market, fresh fruit, flowers, preserves
Smell of incense, cold wind and salty bay water
Music, all kinds, violins at the pier, an old gentleman playing clarinet and selling jazz
World Awareness: two men speak at curbside about starvation in Africa and the epidemic it is as if it were normal conversation, the same as good morning and how are you?
Rolling streets and sidewalks, laid out as if by laziness or maybe just a convenient plan that required less work, exhausting to climb
The Golden Gate Bridge: Absolute majesty
Lonely Alcatraz, empty, void and full of stories I care not to know
Disappointment and exploitation: two streets devoted to strip clubs, such a sore in the middle of this beautiful city, why?
Beautiful people everywhere, young people, young couples lost in endless possibilities with undefined futures
Oceanside, open waves of blue
Rain: stop and go, sometimes strong and other times gentle

What a beautiful day and what a beautiful city. I will post photos later.

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