Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, it has definitely been one of those days already (smile).

We took Noah in this morning for an occupational therapy assessment. He did well, testing close to his adjusted age of 1 year and a few weeks (I think his average was 11 months). We are going to start him once a week so he can hopefully move on to his actual age and start achieving that group of milestones. Toward the end of Noah's eval Jonah decided to throw up and of course it was one of his violent rounds (I swear he saves these for public only). Jonah is bringing in two eye teeth at once and his drooling has caused more morning throw ups lately. I knew it was coming because I can recognize his coughing before he brings something up so I got him down on his side to the mat. When it did come up it was nasty and clogged up his nose which always sends him in to spasms. Unfortunately, if you haven't been through one of his spells it is quite scary. This particular therapist plus a new volunteer had never seen Jonah throw up so they were panicking. To make matters worse Jonah was taking awhile to come out of it. He was crying intermittently so I knew that he was getting air but he always gets terrified each time he throws up through his nose. After much suctioning and reassuring he pulled through and was back to himself, tired and shaken but ok. Phew! What a start to a day!

In other Hanna twin news, we are taking both boys to get their teeth looked at by a pediatric specialist in our area this Thursday morning. I have been fretting about the state of their teeth, especially as Jonah's are looking really bad (yellowed and very thin). I spoke with his secretary this morning and explained their history, she said no sedation before age two so Noah's exam could be interesting (to say the least). I am desperate to get things started as if there is any decay going on we have to get caps or something protective going soon. She did mention we may have to be referred to UCLA. Fun, fun.

In better news...Shane is recovering and feeling better. He can lift the boys a bit more but he can't over do things still, laughing last night made his stomach sore so he is still coming through things. Jonah has added a few new words to his repertoire including "Da!" Noah is pretty much saying "Baaabeee! (baby)" without really understanding what it means, also "Meee" is another favorite (yes, it is most funny when battling out his eating sessions and he shoves the spoon away and says "Meeee" as if to say, hey...this is all about me and you aren't making me do a darn thing that I don't want to do!)

Grandma Hanna is in town and helping out around the house. Extra hands are always appreciated. Grandpa Langston and I are taking a cake class together so today we have been making cakes to work on tonight. It has been a fun thing to do together with him plus my best friend Brooke.

The sun is out today and I am hoping the rain is finally going away (we've had it off and on since Friday).

We also had a fun FHE last night and the boys got to make messes and enjoy their own Valentine's cupcakes (photos to come) while the rest of us ate a few for ourselves and decorated the other few dozen for the therapy place that works with the boys on a daily basis.

All in all, another crazy day. But to us, crazy is normal, so maybe I should just say...another normal day in the Hanna house and end this post right here!

Stay tuned for more adventures...

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