Saturday, March 21, 2009

Both boys are still in the hospital. Noah's blood work came back showing absolutely nothing. Talk about frustrating. I wish we had some idea what in the world caused that little man to be so incredibly ill and then for us to also get so sick. Right now we have no answers but they also did some culture work so we'll see if that grows anything. Right now they are just suspecting some type of virus got in to his system.

Jonah's blood work, on the other hand, came back showing a nasty bacteria infection. They also drew blood today for culture purposes and hopefully Monday we'll have an idea what made him so ill. Because of his shunt, the big worry with Jonah is Meningitis. He has to stay in the hospital until they know for sure his infection is clearing before they will send him home. He started antibiotics today. Noah is doing better today, he is being impossible to feed. I think the insecurity of the surroundings as well as still getting over this nasty bug and bringing in two molars at once has set him off big time. But to get him home he has to eat, so every four hours we have been syringe feeding food in to him. He fights it and it is all behavioral related. I keep praying he will be released tomorrow (Sunday) but I am not sure as tonight he had another runny stool and the doctor wants normal stools before he leaves. They have him on meds to stop the diarrhea and it is not as frequent but his stools are still runny messes and not what it should normally be (man, who knew I would talk so much about poop!)

Back to the boys diagnoses' or lack thereof, in other words, both boys have two separate things. How in the world does that happen? Two boys with two different problems.

I do feel better today (thank goodness). Shane still suffers from headaches and general nausea. He went home today to rest and came back about 8:00 PM. I got away for dinner and a shower and I am headed back to spend the night. Tomorrow we'll really have to start splitting the days as Shane will have to go back to work on Monday.

Noah has had it with being cooped up in a small crib. He is managing to get to all the cords on the walls, even the monitor cards near his crib and I feel like we are constantly chasing him while trying to comfort Jonah from all the scary, unknown surroundings which he does not understand because of his poor vision. He really is so sensitive. Right now even the sound of something moving in the room can send him in to hysterics.

I so wanted to come home and just take a breather tonight but leaving anyone alone at night with those two is just too much to ask. Noah wakes up several times and wants to be held throughout the night and it doesn't help that the only thing that reaches his bed is the uncomfortable pull out chair.

Well, we will get through this. We will.

To all of you who are praying for us and wanting to know what to do....just keep praying. That is the best thing that anyone can do.

I'm also sending a shout out to Shane because we had our 4th anniversary this past Thursday, the day Noah was admitted. Happy 4th honey. The punches keep rolling and we are still hanging in there.

Until tomorrow.

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