Sunday, March 22, 2009

When it rains it pours, literally.

Poor Grandpa today was on the way to the hospital when someone stopped suddenly in front of him and when he hit the brakes our Toyota Corrolla skidded in to the Jeep in front of him. Needless to say our car is not much short of a pile of parts right now. We just got back from the Toyota dealership and we are having to buy a car much sooner then planned (our Corrolla was paid off) but we did need a larger family vehicle. Plus, most importantly, my dad is fine and was not hurt. We are watching him to make sure he doesn't start up with pain and my sister talked him in to visiting a chiropractor.

There is a silver lining, Noah is coming home tomorrow! We still don't know what caused him to be so sick but a nurse today did mention that there is a new flu strain circulating (I complained that everyone in our family had the flu shot this season).

Jonah will be home (hopefully) Tuesday as long as his blood work shows everything is returning to normal. He will be on oral antibiotics for the remainder of the week.

Thanks everyone for your prayers, keep it up. We thank everyone for their kind emails and for all your support.

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