Monday, March 23, 2009

Noah is HOME! Oh my, how wonderful it is. I spent a few hours in my OWN home today and felt like I was in a palace. In other good news, Noah is on 1/4 liter! I noticed in the hospital that pretty regularly he was breathing well at 1/2 liter so today I've had him on his Pulsox and at 1/4 liter. So far he is doing great, one step closer to being off oxygen.

Hopefully Jonah is coming home tomorrow. His cultures grew nothing over the weekend. Frustrating. They took a chest x-ray today just to assure he has nothing respiratory going on and we get to wait until tomorrow morning for the results. Maddening! I can't help but think of Madera and LA where within an hour the results would be up on the hospital Web and docs could pull up the x-rays to show parents and talk about results. I could probably post a whole novel about the various sub-par standards that we witnessed during this stay at the hospital. I hate the local hospitals, truly. They are really not up for taking care of children of this acuity. We don't even have a PICU here, just a Ped's unit as the PICU is still being built apparently. I will say last night was a LONG night in which we were reporting a medication overdose issue with the charge nurse. Apparently our night nurse gave Noah an entire packet of anti-diarrheal instead of a 1/3 of the medication. Thank goodness Shane knew something was wrong with the consistency and very diplomatically (thank goodness it was him and not me!) took care of it. I was glad to know an incident report was filed and there will be follow-up. They should take this very, very seriously.

Anyways, so hopefully Mr. Jonah will be coming home with some antibiotics tomorrow. He is eating well. He is still coughing up mucus in the morning which makes me think he might have something in way of a nasty cold (hopefully not pneumonia) but tomorrow's x-ray will show more.

Thanks everyone for your concern. We'll keep the blog posted.


The Hanson Family said...

Let's make sure to get out at the end of this week for some girl time!(as long as Jonah is home!)

LISA said...

So glad Noah is home! Sorry about your car! When it rains it pours! However, we both know every cloud has a silver lining , so we are SO GLAD your dad is OK. The Hannas are way over due for a rainbow, so we will be praying for one! Tomorrow I take Hailey to Madera! Hopefully we will be one step closer to getting her taken care of.