Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We were so close to coming home today! Jonah was cleared to come home about 10:30 AM as his blood work showed everything returning to normal and his chest x-ray was cleared. Shortly after he started a round of vomiting and horribly messy diapers, including one that exploded from out of nowhere while I was holding him on my lap. I, of course, had no other clothing as I thought today we were going home so I was covered in poop. Jonah kept up this cycle for another couple of hours and the nurse and I (both being obviously concerned) decided Dr. Ho needed to be contacted. It wasn't until Shane showed up to relieve me at 3:30 PM that we finally heard back from the doctor. To be safe he asked that Jonah remain one more night and that we start the same anti-diarrhea medication that Noah is currently on.

Noah is home but still has runny diapers, just not as frequent. Hopefully this mess will completely clear up by the weekend as we have our Beeper Egg Hunt this Saturday through the Blind Babies Foundation in Visalia and I have been anticipating this event!

So I am home now, showering and looking at car information for Shane and then I head back to the hospital where Shane and I will spend the night. Tomorrow is going to be our day to return home, at least that is what I am praying for.

By chance we had an administrative office case manager randomly select our room to visit today so Shane and I once more carefully outlined all our concerns. She was very apologetic and promised that they would do everything to better the standard of care in the unit by using our feedback.

I sure hope so as this is the biggest Ped's unit in the area and they service quite a few children!

Well, we will keep you posted and hopefully tomorrow Jonah will finally be home.

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