Sunday, April 19, 2009

A couple of things.

First, we are DREAMING of a night of full sleep at this house. Ever since January and Noah's ear infections we made the BIG mistake of letting him sleep with us to prevent us getting up a million times a night to comfort him. Well, come February he would not HEAR of sleeping in his own crib. We have been battling this out for over a month now. Before Grandpa Langston left we laid down an ultimatum and said, NO MORE. Well, of course that results in a lot of tantrums throughout the night and we are NOT allowed to let our kids "cry it out" (I dare anyone whose child has severe reflux to let them cry it out and see how much they throw up....)

So the past couple of weeks have been rough. Last night Noah only woke up twice, not bad. Other nights have been as many as 4-5 times. Yikes!!!! I keep hoping we are getting over the worst of this.

NOW, for the GOOD thing!!!!! We had Noah OFF, yes I said OFF oxygen Friday night for a couple of hours and he did fine! I was so thrilled. We reduced his night oxygen to 1/2 Liter and he did fine with his sats. Saturday I tried him again off oxygen but this time he was hovering between the 89-91 range. Not good enough. But oh so close!!!! Our little man is going to be off this blasted oxygen during the day in the next couple of months. What a blessing!!!!

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Janna said...

I never get a chance to talk to you at church! I was just wondering that today-- admiring those cute boys from behind you during sacrament meeting- if they sleep through the night for you...I guess you answered that one! :)
And great news about the oxygen.
Can they play with friends yet? I would love to bring Jackson over sometime to play with them. I feel bad that we live so close and haven't gotten together!