Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patience pays off!!! We have found an affordable Wingbo swing. I have been searching for over a month now on the internet and I randomly found one on Craigs List yesterday (not even a listing in our area, it just popped up under a google search).

The owner is selling it for a mere $30 plus shipping. I can hardly believe it!!!

Right now I am negotiating everything but hopefully we will have that here soon!

Today our case manager for Kern Regional Center asked if I would be interested in being a board member. Wow. I anticipated it was coming as she has been hinting at this for a few months. She actually told me the other day she wished I was working for KRC. My boys have too many needs for me to up and stop being a home mom right now, although the idea of getting back to the office seems like a vacation most days . I did tell her I was interested in knowing more about the Board Member position. If I don't have time (which my time is spread so thing right now I might not) my good husband Shane would be an excellent candidate. He has so many excellent leadership qualities (I hope this won't seem too braggadocios) and with his management experience he would make the perfect board member. He has legal experience, crisis experience (both career and personal life--ha ha!), company management experience and is the most even keeled person I know. He always keeps his cool even in the most extreme situations, a gift that most do not have (including myself). So either way, one of us plans to write a letter of intent and try to get involved with bettering our local regional center. Our CM today said that the early start services are really being scrutinized by the federal and local governments because of the state of the economy right now and things are only going to get worse in the years to come. This is such a sad fact for special needs children.

I worry about the future of my boys but I know they have the right parents to fight for the very best care that is out there. We'll do anything it takes to make sure our boys are taken care of and given every chance at equal opportunity.


Amanda said...

Whoa Hoo! What a great find! I would have to agree with you about all of Shane's qualities.

kristi said...

It's always interesting (and sometimes fun) to get involved with community programs. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be a great experience. ;)