Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, sadly the Wingbo did not go through. The seller was in Toronto, Canada and she was trying to get me to direct wire her the $$$ plus quoting me $70 in shipping and I know the Wingbo is not that heavy. It is large but not that heavy. My husband felt leery about the direct wire and when I told her we would not be able to do direct wire and that maybe she should create a Pay Pal account she got really rude so needless to say, that "almost" buy is over.

We went to the Lori Brock children's center today. It was kind of hard to find and I got lost in the process but we did make it for a bit. I met the Richardson Center teachers and aids plus the Principal of the infant program. Noah absolutely freaked out about being around other kids and strangers. He wouldn't let go of me to save his life and refused to play with anything. Jonah did ok, Abigail (the boys infant specialist) carried him around and played with him. She also gave him his bottle and he decided to start refluxing almost immediately after. I played and distracted him for a couple of minutes and we narrowly avoided a nasty throw up (he already threw up breakfast at therapy this morning). Then to top of the day, we put the boys back in their stroller and of course Noah FREAKED out (he hates being strapped down). So in a nut shell he made himself throw up. We almost made it puke free but I guess we just can't go anywhere without one of the boys throwing up, at least not yet. I was a bit frustrated but I guess it just is what it is. I had to run to Walmart after and Noah pitched a fit so let's say it was a very short trip.

I really hope Nursery at Church and our play groups will help Noah with his stranger anxiety. I am also desperate to figure out a way to discipline Noah. He has GOT to learn to stop throwing up and pitching fits every time he does not get his way. Plus it is maddening that I know he knows he is in control most of the time. We are desperate to keep food/calories down him so we have to avoid throwing up at all costs. This means that most of the time we have to let him do things his way, including bed time. The last two nights he was up so late, like 10:00. He refused to go down any sooner. I seriously told Shane last night that like it or not he is going down at 8:00 tonight. But I know as soon as that time arrives and he starts screaming left and right we will have to stop him so he won't throw up all over everything. This is the problem with his nightime tyrades too! We can't just let him "scream it out" because he will scream until he vomits all over everything. *Sigh* So if anyone has some suggestions, please let me know.

Jonah, bless his heart, has no control right now over his acid reflux. I wish, I wish that I could stop his vomiting spells. We went from months of hardly any spit ups to almost daily throwing up in the past couple of months. Of course his molars and everything else have started coming in so I am sure this makes things worse but darn it, I keep wanting to avoid the fundoplication with him and all I can do is hope for the best.

We have worked hard to avoid the fundoplication plus the G-tube. These boys have been able to do so much more developmentally without either of these and I am not giving up yet. So say a little prayer that Jonah's reflux will get back under control.

It has been hot in Bakersfield this week, the past few days have been in the 90's. I have missed getting out in the afternoon. Our mornings are generally so busy with therapy but we are just going to have to figure out how to get play groups in the morning through the summer so I don't go through another round of Cabin Fever like last summer.

We were able to find a great JcPenney coupon for Patio Furniture. Shane is still putting together chairs and tomorrow we are having a new family from our ward over for pizza. It should be fun. Saturday is our walk (thanks for everyone who has supported!) Afterward we are having a few friends over for a BBQ. So we are dashing around this week trying to get the furniture assembled and our back yard in order. I love having things to work toward. I wish I were in Utah because I would be motivated to run marathons with my cousin. She is so amazing. She has two special needs children (4 total) and she runs marathons all the time as her means of escape and relaxation. I admire her greatly. I need to get myself in to something like this instead of heading to the fridge whenever I am bored. I have some weight to lose so I have my own goals to set for the future.

Well, that is the latest at the Hanna home. We hope everything is going well with your families.

God bless.

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Kiera Rose said...

Hi Michelle,
It's been a while since I've had a chance to check in. The boys look GREAT!
Therese and Kiera