Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! We enjoyed a pancake and banana breakfast while going through our Easter baskets. After, our friends Tracy, Ryan and new baby Preston joined us for an egg hunt in our back yard. Daddy has a church meeting first thing in the morning and then we have our Church block where Mom gets to speak on Jesus and His resurrection so we had our Easter events today.


wilkinson_fam said...

We did our easter egg hunt (at Dick's Market) today as well. So fun, so fun.

I wish I could be there to hear you give a talk on Christ's resurrection. It's amazing how much more the atonement and resurrection mean to you when you've had one/many "close calls." A deepened tenderness for the Savior occurs and your heart is never the same.

Good luck tomorrow, friend. Happy Easter, cute Hanna bunch!

P.S. tell your dad that he can come plant at our home when he's through with yours. Your yard looks great!

kristi said...

Those baskets look LOVELY! What a fun morning. We really like doing the Bunny/Egg stuff on a different day. Easter really is (or should be) a spiritual day. I think that's a great tradition, even if it was just coincidental. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG can you say ADORABLE! Everything looks great and you even had time to plant guys are super prents for sure! The twins looked like they had alot of fun and are so cute! Happy Easter everyone!

Jennalee said...

Hey Michelle, I've been catching up on your oh my...have you all been busy! I am glad your boys and you are better and you made it to the egg hunt! That looked like so much fun! I am so heartened by you and your family's story! THANK YOU for sharing even a little of it with me! Have a wonderful day!