Saturday, June 20, 2009

We did not make story time Wednesday as poor Jonah was having an awful day with his cold. Both boys are still sneezing and suffering from congestion. This month has had a lot of cold and hot spells and almost everyone I know is sick. It does not help that Bakersfield has such poor air quality. I, myself, feel like my allergy meds have reached their limits. I have been suffering from congestion, runny nose, etc. for over a month. It might be time to hit the allergist again.

The rest of the week went quickly. The boys mostly stayed at home with their colds, etc. They seem to be doing a bit better today so that is good. At least we have avoided the hospitals so far!

Today we are off to LA and have a packed schedule. We first go to NAPA for their open house. I hope we get a chance to see the neurosuit and maybe even see a child working out in one. I am planning to ask for a list of parents that would be willing to talk to me about their experiences with the therapy. Even if we feel strongly it is a good possibility we will not have our ducks in a row until next January to go forward with a three week session.

After NAPA we are off to Burbank airport to get Grandpa! YEAH! We are so excited to see him. Then we go to the LA Zoo and I am so excited because Heather Keller (CHLA nurse who primaried both boys) called yesterday and wanted to meet us at the zoo so we can meet her newborn and she can see the boys. She is moving back to NY in the fall to be closer to her side of the family and she really wants a chance to see the boys. It will be neat to see her. She is such a sweetheart, we absolutely loved her as a nurse. She gave these boys so much love, especially Mr. Jonah. She started working with Jonah and then took on Noah. She was so good to these boys and just spoiled them.

I am excited for the zoo. Hopefully the boys will enjoy themselves. I am glad to be out of Bakersfield as it is going to be hot, hot today!

Blind Babies finally got with me earlier this week and we spent two hours on the phone. Our contact is giving us a lot of good equipment to use at home with Jonah. She is loaning us a light box, several toys/attachments used with the light box, a special seat that is practically new (she said another family with a special needs child donated it to her) and a Wingbo on loan until we finally get our own. We ordered a Wingbo this week but they are on back order. She gave me lots of great exercises to try with Jonah and also suggestions as to how to modify some of his OT goals. Our Terrio Therapy OT that works with Jonah on Tuesday is not always good about modifying her goals for Jonah based on his limited vision so I have the task of making sure he can understand the concept of what she is asking him to do.

Well, we are getting ready to leave so I must go. We will have fun photos to post later!


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