Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This week is off to a good start. We've had two busy days which Mom likes! Yesterday we started with occupational therapy for both boys and then joined our small play group which included lots of walking for the Moms (yeah!). We also grabbed salads for lunch and I got to catch up with a great friend who I have not seen in some time. She has known these boys since birth. She visited them in the NICU twice and her husband assisted in a special priesthood blessing before Jonah was transferred to Madera at two weeks old. They indeed are special people to us.

After we came home to do a couple of things before taking the boys to their pediatrician to make sure their runny noses and sneezing were nothing more then colds/allergies. Thank goodness that was indeed the only problem. By the time this all was over it was the end of the day and it was time for dad to come home. We only had a couple of vomit spells from Noah which makes for a good day all in all! No throwing up during our morning play group so Mom was grateful!

Today started off with therapy (both PT/OT) for Jonah and then we picked up a couple of dozen doughnuts to treat the church play group. We are meeting at Tracy's pool this month and the boys have really been too sick to go until today. I didn't want to manage both in the pool with all the bigger kids so we just went to see how they handled being around everyone. They actually did fairly well. Noah was a little grumpy but all in all they did well. Noah even was agreeable enough to wade his toes in the pool and feel the cool water. It has been in the 80's so in the morning pool water is much cooler and with the sniffles I figured I had better play it safe. Grandpa will be in town next week and we can all go to the pool which will be nice!!

This afternoon Noah took a nap, Jonah played and was worked out in tummy time, his Johnny Jumper and enjoyed his little house and other toys. He is getting stronger which is exciting to see. We still have so much to accomplish but his trunk and neck/head strength are slowly coming along. We have to celebrate the small steps of progress in this home. Plus, he has the most adorable, sweet personality. He always includes himself in all of mom's conversations (very much our chatterbox) and is so expressive. His personality has really blossomed over the past couple of months. He is more tolerant of new environments and other children/noises which is a huge blessing.

We are still researching the neurosuit therapy. We have found case studies that show high rates of success with the intensive therapy model but of course Shane wants more hard core type research. The therapy is maybe a decade old and only offered in a certain amount of facilities nationwide so I am not sure we will find this type of specific research. For now, the therapists I have spoken with say they have only heard positive feedback in regards to the therapy. We plan to attend a free tour/orientation on Saturday in Los Angeles before picking up Grandpa at the Burbank airport. They just happen to be having a tour Saturday so we are going to visit the facility and talk about what the program is all about. It will be interesting to see the neurosuit itself. We do not plan to start any therapy until winter time, that way Jonah has time to mature a bit and we can prepare ourselves financially. We still have a lot of praying and researching to do but again, most of what we have read from various resources has been very positive.

I am trying hard to keep this week packed so that the days go by quickly and we are able to see Grandpa come Saturday. I am also excited because we plan to take the boys to the LA zoo Saturday afternoon after picking up Grandpa. Hopefully their petting zoo will be open so that Jonah can get the most out of the experience.

Tomorrow we do not have therapy but I am trying to decide if I want to go to the local bookstore's story time or go a music play group that is hosted by our old church ward in the southwest. I like that most everyone there will know us well and will be good about making sure we are comfortable. You can't pass that up so we will see. I am thinking after a nice walk in the park would be good for both boys and Mom.

Well, Jonah is done being in his Johnny Jumper and he is letting me know loudly. Noah has managed to drag out all of Jonah's toys from his little room so I better go save them before they are lost under the sofa.

Thanks everyone for reading our blog and supporting our family. We love you all!

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