Monday, July 6, 2009

Good news with the NAPA research. I heard back from the same parent whose Web site I checked (she said her son lost his skill after the 3 week program). Here is what she had to say:

After you do an intensive with Napa, they give you a book with a series of exercises that you’re meant to do daily to help your child maintain the skills he gained. Unfortunately we didn’t do exercises so Nathan. We were so overwhelmed with different treatments and modalities that we just couldn’t maintain the home program. I do think NAPA is EXCELLENT and one of the best out there.

Your plan sounds fantastic! If you are able to do it, you should see rapid progress in Jonah. How old is he?

My experience at Napa was excellent – everything about it. The therapists are fabulous – very skilled – but also very good with children. They kept Nathan entertained and happy. They were able to push him while keeping him happy. Nathan has worked with a lot of people, and I think of everyone that he’s seen, NAPA is the best.

Very encouraging! I told her we were planning on perhaps the 3 week program in January and then an every other month 4-hour session to help Jonah keep up his progress. I also plan to apply for some grants to see if we can't get some sponsorship for Jonah's therapy (NAPA provided me with two Web sites).

That is the latest and I am thrilled at this recent email. I am feeling very positive about this option.

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