Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great news: Jonah sat today, using his hands for assistance, for 30 seconds (no help!) Hurrah! We are proud of the little steps he has been taking. He is slowly getting stronger.

We are off in the next few minutes to Fresno. We will be staying at the Residence Inn near the hospital because our appointment for Jonah is first thing in the morning. We were not able to get the MRI (unfortunately) scheduled so we are having to wait that one out until the end of August.

Jonah undergoes his GI study tomorrow to determine if he has GED (gastric emptying delay). As you may recall, Noah had this test several months ago and his test came back showing what little he digests over a period of time compared to a normal child. He has been on erythromycin ever since (not sure still if it totally helps or not).

I will let you know how things come out.

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David W. Walker said...


Just a note to say hi and that we hold you and your family in our prayers. It appears the Lord continues to work his miracle in your lives.

We'll reach out by phone soon to catch up.


David Walker