Monday, July 13, 2009

We are back in the game and getting in to the swing of things here in Bakersfield. This morning both boys had occupational therapy at Terrio. After, we went to our pool play group and enjoyed ourselves. Jonah has been a bit cranky the past two days (teething, allergies that make his reflux so much more intense) but he still enjoyed splashing around in the pool.

It was good to see my babies again. Noah looks like his cheeks have gotten chubbier and his personality exploded last week. He is trying to mimic everything we do and has "bye bye" down with a hand wave, plus "ank you" for thank you, mom and dad, pa-pa for Grandpa (while pointing). He really is exploring all kinds of sounds and this is exciting. He loves to jabber when playing with his toys. The BEST news is that he is taking steps all over the place. In fact, Grandma Hanna told me that Friday he took 11 steps at therapy for the therapist. He will take a few steps from the couch to toys, etc. It is so exciting to see!! We are getting so close to full mobility. I am a bit scared! We finally took down the gate and we are just letting Noah roam and he is in heaven to have such freedom.

Jonah is as sweet as ever, despite his fussy moments. We are continuing to use his stander every day in hopes it will start helping him learn to stand. We are continuing to research NAPA and are shooting for winter of 2010 to do the 3-4 week program. I did research a couple of grant programs suggested by the NAPA coordinator we have been in touch with but of course we are not eligible. So for now, we are on for winter 2010.

The Harry Potter party was a hit! I wish I would have taken a photo of the treat table, it turned out really cute. I used a clearance material I found at Joann's (pretty see through orange with glittered gems on top of a black dollar store table cloth) with adorable pumpkins I found at Michaels and pretty votive candle holders. It all came off looking very respectably like a Hogwarts banquet table. Everyone enjoyed themselves, including the two young men that came. The girls won the game (yeah) and were able to get themselves their own Harry Potter light up wands. All in all, everyone had fun. We have our tickets for Friday night and tonight we are making chocolate frogs and jelly belly goodie bags with Harry Potter glasses to hand out to our group that is coming. I am excited and the movie reviews have been good! They are calling this the best movie yet.

For now, I will sign off but look for updates this week as we have Jonah's GED (gastric emptying delay) study Thursday and if there are cancellations we will get in for an MRI Wednesday (hopefully). We will stay down in a hotel Wednesday night so we can just hop over to the hospital at 8:00 in the morning. I also have blood work here from the GI clinic to test the boys for food allergies. We are ruling everything out as we meet next week with the pediatric surgeon about the pyloroplasty and possible fundoplication because of the boys constant vomiting issues. Jonah had his first throw up yesterday in nursery. He left an awful mess and I felt badly but Grandpa was there and handled things well. Jonah's one on one worker has not started in nursery yet as she is still recovering from surgery but I am looking forward to her working with Jonah as she is a very special lady and will work with him well. So be praying for both boys that we find some answers to their GI issues, we will get to the bottom of this yet!

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