Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

I love this holiday. I always reflect on the many freedoms that I enjoy as a citizen of this great country. I consider myself fortunate enough to have watched the John Adams series recently (produced by HBO) and it was marvelous. My great admiration of the founding fathers was renewed and I remember my testimony regarding the founding of this great nation by God fearing men.

Today was so much fun. We thank our dear friends for making today so enjoyable. We started out with our church pancake breakfast (Shane is Activity Chair so this was a big event for him) and then we cleaned the house very well until the afternoon. We then joined the Bonds, Hansons and Watsons at the Bonds' community pool. We had so much fun, the boys enjoyed themselves (as you can see below) and it made the hot weather bearable. We had good BBQ (including freshly husked corn, thanks Blaine!) and yummy burgers. Later we went back to our place for dessert and a movie before fireworks. We watched the babies play and where joined by yet more friends about 8:00 before starting the fireworks. All in all we had well over a dozen people that came to watch fireworks with us. It was a great show with Shane playing ringmaster.

It was a wonderful day and we are grateful we were able to celebrate the many freedoms that we have and remember how blessed we are to call this nation home.

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