Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jonah's surgery lasted four hours on Thursday. It was a very, very long day by the time he was ready to be taken to his room for recovery. The surgeon said that the surgery went as well as could be expected. He commented that there was, of course, a lot of scar tissue but they were able to remove quiet a bit and clear room to perform the procedure by laparoscope. This was great news because Jonah's recovery should go better and hopefully the pain will not be as much as if they had to make an incision.

Jonah did well his first night but yesterday afternoon he started getting really fussy and sensitive to any noise. He definitely does NOT like the hospital nor the many unknown sounds that come with being in one. He cried a lot and was not liking anything aside from being held. I finally got him to go down last night around 10:00. It was a long day. I was very glad to see Shane arrive about this time. Yesterday was not too bad. I didn't mind having some snuggle time with my son and being able to read to him, etc. Today I am starting to feel that cabin fever syndrome hit. We did lunch outside and got Shane's hair cut quickly while Jonah was sleeping. He was still sleeping when we returned and it was nice to be outside and feel the sunshine and open air. I, myself, am not a big fan of being cooped up in a hospital for long periods of time. The last time we were in the hospital was for Noah's week long stay with Rotovirus and that was just plain awful. I went a whole week with hardly any sleep. This time around I got a room at the Ronald McDonald house which was a good decision because at least now I can put Jonah to bed and know that I will also get good rest without having to be interrupted by nurses every couple of hours.

We just started Jonah with small amounts of jello to see how he tolerates eating. If all goes well we could be going home Monday/Tuesday which would be fabulous. I really have not seen Noah for over a week, I did have a couple of minutes for hugs Thursday morning before we left for the hospital.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and prayers. The surgery went well and now our little man won't (hopefully) be dealing with as much yucky reflux/throwing up. We are praying this surgery was not for nothing.

I will keep you posted.

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