Monday, August 24, 2009

Jonah is on board for going home!

He is on a normal diet today and loved his Trix yogurt that the cafeteria brought up for him. They just reduced his fluids so I'm hoping his appetite will pick up and he had his first messy diaper in days (not so fun for mom but they have been waiting for poop here at the hospital). We are definitely bored of the hospital and ready to go home!

His doctor said that tomorrow or Wednesday he could go home so that is great. So far things seem to be working. Jonah has definitely had some gagging moments where he has tried to throw up but he has not been able to bring anything up, so fingers crossed that everything will continue to work the way it should. I am interested to see if this will help his reflux, it supposedly helps some patients with the actual refluxing and others still have to take meds for the symptoms (although they aren't able to actually bring up food they still have the symptoms of reflux).

I am looking forward to having structure back. Sadly, we canceled the boys' appointments this week for therapy but everything will start back up next week. Friday the boys' infant specialist from the Richardson Center will be meeting with us. We are signing papers to get the boys going with classes. Jonah will be in the "Moves" program and Noah will be in a group of children that are more advanced. It will be good for both boys to learn new skills and socialize. Noah is such a busy body that I think he'll love the interaction. So we'll have these classes twice a week for two hours. We are trying to sign up for the Monday/Thursday 8:30-10:30 classes. I think I have already posted on these classes so I will not spend much more time. It will be great to have full mornings so that just leaves afternoons to manage. It certainly makes time go quicker!

I can't believe that in a little less then a month these boys will be two. One more year and they will start pre-school. Goodness, the time does go quickly.

Well, we will keep you posted as to when Jonah returns home. Hope everyone is doing well.

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