Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, I wish I was typing this from home but we are still here in Madera! Jonah is not eating as well as I would hope. He has taken some pureed food today but not much Pediasure (maybe an ounce). He is still on his IV fluids and his surgeon said we would watch him for the next "day or two.." Bah!! I am ready to go home! One thing the surgical resident did say this morning was that there was less stomach area due to the procedure so it might take time for Jonah's stomach to adjust back to where he was at with eating and that he might eat smaller amounts more frequently. Great. I hope this won't last long, especially because we can't have him losing any weight! I did freak out a bit after that discussion but Shane assured me that with time his stomach will grow and things will go back to normal, still how long will that be? He really has not shown me that he is hungry yet either...hopefully I will see that change.

I am definitely done with this hospital experience though so I am praying that Jonah will pick up with his eating and we will go home soon.

Keep Jonah in your prayers that we'll be home soon.


wilkinson_fam said...

Oh, sweetie - I am so sorry. I wish you were home right now too.

But you are not. And so I will pray that little Jonah will get the appetite and nourishment he needs so that you can be home together as a family soon.

Very, very soon.

LISA said...

Hang in there Michelle! Yesterday was so involving that I completely forgot you might still be there! Sorry! How is it when you are in the hospital there simply isn't a sense of time? Hailey tests and dr. visit went well for her. It was the first time she has ever been sedated and oh what a interesting character she is under sedation. Talk to ya later. Hope you are home by now! You are in our prayers!!!