Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are home! Jonah was finally discharged yesterday afternoon about 1:30. Grandma Hanna drove down with Noah and we all drove home together. We stopped by the Tulare Outlets on the way home and got some fall shoes and a couple pairs of jeans that were on sale for the boys. I have my upcoming consignment sale in October so I did not want to go too crazy yet. The Baby Gap was having a good sale on jeans though and Grandma Hanna bought the boys cute fall shoes at Stride Rite. We then drove home, bathed the boys and put them to bed.

Jonah is doing very well. I am proud of him. He has not thrown up once since his surgery (and he has definitely tried). We finally may be turning a corner when it comes to vomit in the house. Hurrah! Noah has practically stopped since walking (yes, he is all over the place now and more adorable then ever!) so we may finally be passing this awful phase of reflux.

Speaking of Noah, since I have been gone he has just blossomed. He is walking everywhere and is proud as can be at his accomplishment! He has new words including cookie, toe, please and hello. He has starting experimenting with different finger foods which is SO great!! I was so excited to come home and see all he has done and it confirmed to me how quickly they grow and change!!

So we are home today. I took Jonah's glasses in and ordered new covers to go over the sides and we got Jonah fit for the Kid Cart stroller today. It is really nice and will fit Jonah well. It will be helpful to have for church because it will come with a nice tray that he can use in nursery to play with all his toys. Hopefully we will have it in the next couple of weeks.

I am excited for our new fall schedule to start. We will be very busy with all we'll have to do which will make the time go by quickly.

Come October Grandpa Langston will be back down for the boys birthday and he plans to stay through Thanksgiving and then go home so we will be grateful for the company. We are still planning on Disneyland for the boys' second birthday this year. I think they will enjoy themselves.

Thanks everyone for your prayers during Jonah's hospitalization. It will be nice to be home.


Jill said...

So happy you are home.

ilovepete said...

Michelle I can't believe all that you do in a day! you are so awesome!I am glad that everything went well and that you are finally back home. I am glad you don't have as much throw up! When you said that your boys would throw up and then choke on it that scare me to death. you are just so amazing! Valerie looks so cute I love her hair and glasses!