Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a quick posting. It seems that all of us here are suffering from some form of cold! Mine started in the middle of my much anticipated shopping adventure in the form of a migraine! Ugh! Thank goodness Tracy had Tylenol on hand but by the time we made it home I was in so much pain I had to keep my eyes closed because even the day light hurt. Needless to say I went straight to bed and slept four hours straight until the pain subsided some. I had to get up to complete the church bulletin for the next day and soon thereafter went straight back to bed. Sunday morning found me still feeling awful and the boys sounded miserable themselves, what started out as runny noses last week turned in to coughing and lots of congestion. Poor Dad! He had to take care of us all Sunday. I slept most of the day as did the kids and then first thing Monday morning we took the boys to the pediatrician. Unfortunately the doctor wanted to run every test in the book (due to their prior history) so we had to go through the miserable process of going to the lab. Poor Jonah, why is it always Jonah? He had THREE technicians poke him various times before the final one (the supervisor) was able to draw blood (argh!) Next time I plan on asking first thing for the supervisor, I don't care if I am labeled the hyper-demanding mother, I can't handle my child being poked like a lab rat! Thank goodness Noah's was not as bad but they still had to poke around a bit before they got blood. Both boys have so much scarring that drawing blood is always a nightmare. We had to put Noah back on oxygen during sleeping time so the doctor also wanted a chest x-ray. After all this, we finally found out this morning that both boys have your regular, run of the mill upper respiratory infection. So they are both on Omnicef. Hopefully they will both start feeling better soon. Noah has been extra clingy and only wants Mom so right now our days are pretty interesting! Thank goodness Dad was available yesterday to help take the boys and run to the doctors, etc.

One good thing to look forward to is: Las Vegas! Shane is going for a work convention next weekend and I get to tag along! It will be a nice getaway together. I think we are staying at the Bellagio so I am excited. My cousin's blog mentioned that she took her family to Serendipity 3 over Labor Day so I was MORE then thrilled to find out Serendipity had opened a restaurant at Caesar's Palace. Hurrah! I told Shane we had to at least have dinner there.

And, even better Grandpa and Grandma Langston are coming in to town this Saturday for the boys' birthdays!!! HURRAH! Can you believe the boys turn two a week from today? I cannot believe they are already turning two! Last night I was at Party City picking out cute party hats for the boys and decorations. We are throwing a small party for the boys (just cake and ice cream) and we rented a local park that is close to us. Hopefully I will be able to pull off these cakes I want to make. I found the cutest stand up bear mold and I am practicing today to see how they turn out. I will make cupcakes for the other children coming and the adults get regular ice cream and cake. It will be fun. We canceled Disneyland because we were not able to get the entire family together and we figured it would be best to save until the boys are a bit older. I am, however, thinking of taking Shane for his 35th birthday (just he and I) in December. Grandma Hanna is already in on the surprise for the hubby. She will be down to watch the boys and I am thinking of doing a day at Disneyland and stay in Anaheim. It shouldn't be too bad a deal as they are running their get in free option on your birthday.

So we have a busy, busy week coming up. I hope the boys get better and quickly. We are out of our schedule and I hate being out of schedule! It makes for such long, long days when we aren't running to all our various classes and appointments. Believe it or not, I love keeping busy and I love getting out with the boys. It is good for both of us. So I hate being under house arrest, the cabin fever sets in quickly. Pray that we'll all start feeling better and quickly.

Well, Jonah is down for a nap and Noah won't take his nap without me so I guess I better go get him down (not to mention he is making a mess in the kitchen). Better run!

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