Friday, September 25, 2009

What a busy week it has been. Now that we have Richardson Center classes plus therapy and play dates our weeks pass quickly. I am so happy it is Friday! Noah has been super cranky today (talk about temper tantrums plus!) and I am glad to see Dad come home in the next few hours. The boys have had runny noses all week and I sound a bit congested today so I wonder if we are coming down with colds all around. Oh the fun!

Tomorrow I am going shopping with Brooke Hanson for her birthday to the Tulare Outlets. Happy Birthday Brooke! Tracy and baby Preston are coming too. I am looking forward to the time out with girls. Our sweet friend Amy Call is coming to watch the boys. I have to publicly brag about what an amazing friend she is. She loves these boys so much and is good with both of them.

Speaking of good friends, as we start this journey with Jonah and his Cerebral Palsy diagnosis I am acutely aware of the many people (unfortunately) who are uncomfortable with or do not recognize Jonah as a person because of his imperfect body. The truth is, my boy is intelligent. Sadly, I was just told of someone who asked my family member the question if Jonah was "smart" and could he actually learn. My first response was to think of the obvious lack of sensitivity on behalf of the individual who asked these questions but I do realize that many people are not exposed to children with special needs. Thank goodness this family member was able to say that indeed, Jonah does learn, he has special needs with his blindness and Cerebral Palsy but he can learn. So today, I want to say that I am proud of Jonah. Every day he smiles, from the moment he wakes up with his happy chatter to the moment we read him a scripture story, say his prayers and tuck him in to bed. He smiles throughout the day, he waits patiently through his brother's temper tantrums and he snuggles with everyone. He is probably the best example of compassion and Christ-like love that I have in my life. So despite his obvious physical disabilities, my child has much to offer this world. I know that my mission will be to gracefully (this is what I hope for) help those around him understand this.

Yes, some days I ask painful questions. Why? Why did both Noah and Jonah suffer so much the first two years of life and why does Jonah continue to have severe struggles? The answer came clearly to me recently that soon after the boys were born, we left their outcome in the hands of God. Both Shane and I specifically prayed to our Heavenly Father and left the lives of our boys in his hands. So the answer that came to me was this was not my choice. Therefore, I move onward with two very loving children who have much to yet teach this often apathetic world that hope lives and that self worth is not defined by physical perfection or materialism. I am proud of both my sons and all that they have overcome, most of which many of us could not do. They are miracles and God is with them every day.

I also want to thank each of you that take the time to be a part of the lives of Noah and Jonah. Thank you for celebrating both boys, even though their needs are so varied. Thank you to those of you who take the time to talk to Jonah, to lovingly touch his hands and let him know that you care for him. Sometimes these moments are all that I have to remember during those difficult days when his challenges seem so insurmountable or an insensitive comment/stare from a stranger hurts my heart. God bless each of you for your prayers and support. We are here as a family today because of your faith. Please continue all you do in loving Noah and Jonah. Show the world what it means to love unconditionally, without limitation.


LISA said...

Ok, you have me in tears again! You are such a sweet mommy! The rest of the world just doesn't know what they are missing by not knowing our children. I tell people Devin is an asset not a liability to our family! Trust me I have lots of moments I have to remind myself as the journey with our children is not an easy one, but so worthwhile. I feel your pain!! If the world only understood that our children are PERFECT. What most people don't understand is just how capable these children are in that they have taken on the errand of angels and ever so gently lead us to be better people and ultimately help lead us back to our Heavenly Father. Now how much perfect can you get than that?

Lillian said...

You have probably heard of Glenn Beck who has a show on the Fox News Channel. He and his family live in our ward. His oldest daughter Mary has Cerebral Palsy due to having strokes at birth. I have gotten to know her over the last year or so. She is 'smart' (I don't know why someone would even ask that about Jonah). Apparently when she was a baby Brother Beck was told she wouldn't be capable of living a normal life - yet she has proved them wrong. She has even been to college. She is just like anyone else.