Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

It has been a busy, crazy week and while the turkey is cooking and most side dishes are just waiting for some oven time I decided it is best that I post something as I feel I am neglecting my blog now that I spend more time on face book.

The boys have both been very ill this week. I finally took them both in Tuesday and the doctor could not find symptoms of an actual infection but said they were probably starting something and with it being the holiday weekend he started a course of antibiotics. I am so glad he did! Tuesday night Noah started a fever and coughed himself like crazy through the night. Jonah has been so stuffy and he has hardly any interest in eating (ditto with Noah). They both I think are over the worst of it as of today (thanks to the antibiotics) and because Grandpa and Grandma are in town to help, Shane and I have for the most part survived and been able to catch up on sleep here and there.

I am grateful today to still be standing after another crazy year of hospitals, surgeries, diagnoses, medications, and all the other crazy things that come with being a micro-preemie mom. I am grateful to have a supportive husband, no other man could have gone through this journey and managed the extreme stress the way that Shane he is able to comfort me through my difficult, emotional days and still love me. He is one incredible man and I am lucky to have him in my life.

I am grateful for my sweet babies, life may be hard but these boys are close to the spirit and bring such love in to our home. Jonah, especially, reminds us of the most important things that life has to offer and he reminds us that God is near to us. Noah is a bundle of joy, I don't think one day goes by that I do not find myself smiling at his toddler ways.

I am grateful for supportive parents and in-laws, especially Grandpa Langston and Grandma Hanna. They both have given several hours of their time to come and be with our family and help with our load of care. We would not have survived with sanity in place without their support. We love you!

We will be eating around the table soon and as part of our family tradition we will share a few things that we are grateful for and mine will include all those things I have mentioned above. I am also grateful for a home, food, clothing and employment....many things that a lot of people throughout the world do not have.

Everyone enjoy your holiday, thank you for your friendship!

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LISA said...

I am thankful for your sweet friendship!