Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am sorry I have not posted in some time. We have a few updates here at the Hanna home. Life continues to be busy. In regards to the boys, Jonah has done a bit better with eating since starting the Periactin. We still are not back to his normal love of eating but he has been taking food with a bit less fighting. We still have a ways to go but my hope is by December 14th he will have put on enough weight that the GI Clinic will be satisfied enough to let things go for the time being. Noah has come down with another cold (poor guy). We all seemed to get over this bug when Noah started again with a stuffed nose and congestion, now Dad is sick again too. Even poor Grandpa has taken his turn with this virus. Jonah finally goes back to school today (hurrah)! It will be good to get him back in to a routine. His eye is healing well and I do think we have seen improvement with how he holds his head (not so much leaning to the left now so he can use his right eye) and he does seem to focus a bit more with both eyes so hopefully this is a start in the right direction.

Thank you for those who have been praying for the Price family. They most definitely need all of heaven's blessings during this difficult time.

Grandma Langston flies in to town Sunday and we will have Thanksgiving here. I am excited for the holiday but a bit sad to see Grandpa return home. He is such an uplifting energy here in the home and these boys will miss him so much! Just Tuesday Grandpa took us to IHOP for breakfast and as he went to pay the bill, Noah could not see him and just burst in to tears. He is going to miss his Pa-pa very much! We will just have to convince Grandpa to come down again during the winter time. We enjoy his fun company. He is truly a Granmpa (ha ha!) He loves to do crafts with me, go to Michaels, enjoy shows, go out to eat, shop, you name it and he loves it. What a great Dad, eh? Plus his constant love for my boys is absolutely amazing.

Speaking of which, I need to get our Thanksgiving menu planned. I had great hopes of putting together my Thanksgiving and Christmas binders (plans, etc.) but I have just not gotten around to it. Too many projects I suppose.

I am proud to say that after much thought, I am trying to organize a local Mom group for Moms who have children with special needs. Shane helped me brain storm a cute slogan (The M.O.M. Club, Moms of Miracles) and I contacted the Director of Terrio Therapy to see if we could post a sign up sheet to see if we could garner some interest. I also spoke with Jonah's teacher at Richardson Center and in the end, everyone was thrilled with the idea. So we have almost a dozen moms signed up who are interested in a play group and if that goes well I may branch out and start doing a dinner out once a month just for Moms so we can get out and support each other. I plan to hold the play group at our local River Walk park which has walking trails and lots of play grounds plus a new Target next door so it will be nice for everyone. I hope this will be a positive experience and that we can enjoy getting to know new families and supporting each other in the blessings and challenges we all have of raising children with special needs. I hope this will go well.

Aside from this, we seem to be managing life at the break neck speed in which it happens (most days at least).

I am probably completely crazy but decided last minute to join some of the other church ladies to see the New Moon show tonight at 2:30 AM. I found out they had an extra ticket and they plan to do an early breakfast after. I am also going Monday with a big group that includes a lot of old friends from my former church ward but I decided, what the heck! You only live once and I need to get to know the women in my new church ward better. So I am off to bed and then in a few hours will get up to go see New Moon. I promise I will not post too many details for another week or so to give everyone a chance to go see it first.

For now, I better get some rest.


Jill said...

How was the movie? You are crazy...I love it!

LISA said...

You are just amazing! When your own plate is so full you still extend yourself! I need to be more like you. Where do you get the energy? Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jean-Jacques, Kimberly, Addyson and Amelia said...

You are not alone on a lot of things Michelle! I read your post about having FHE. I have been trying to do that too, and let me just say that I have only done it for 3 weeks now, and it is hard to convince myself to do it when I know Addy isn't listening. Oh well! I too really want to get her and me in the habit!
And I went to the New Moon with Nikki, Chris, and my Aunt Shelly at 3:45 am. It was fun, but I was desprately tired for 2 days afterwards, but you just have to get out sometimes to feel human! I loved it by the way!
Tell Shane hello and give the boys a hug and kiss for me. We too have been battling congestion and colds! Anyway, hope you are doing well and the boys are on the mend!

Love Ya Tons!

Holly and Stephen said...

Hi Michelle,

I read that you are starting up a play group for special needs children. I would love to possibly be a part of it. We no longer attend Terrio so I was not able to see the flyer there. If it is possible let me know when and where you are meeting. My son's name is Ross and he is a 23 week preemie now 3 & 1/2 yrs old. And in case you forgot we've met briefly at Terrio one time.