Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a quick update.

We are still trying to manage colds here. Jonah came home yesterday from surgery. Everything went fine. His right eye is pretty red from the procedure but otherwise he seems to be doing ok. He does NOT like his right arm splint one bit and I can't blame him! His right arm gets things done for him so having it tied up so he can't use it is no fun. He was very upset about this last night. Today he is trying to work around it. He will have to wear this for at least a week so he won't get to his eye and damage the stitches, etc.

This morning Jonah woke up sounding absolutely miserable. He has horrible congestion and I have suctioned him like crazy a couple of times today. Poor guy! First, surgery and now a cold! I was worried because this afternoon he was flushed but he is not running a fever so I am just keeping an eye on him. He is eating awful today but with a stuffed nose I can only imagine that eating is not that pleasant.

Last night we held our very first Family Home Evening. I have had the best of intentions to start but with Noah's non-existent attention span I have not been too motivated. I made an adorable FHE board at the recent Funtastic Friday event for the Relief Society and decided this was my motivation to start holding regular FHE's.

We had a quick discussion about Jesus and how he is Heavenly Father's son. We sang a few Jesus songs from the Primary, colored a picture of Jesus (Jonah got to use his light box to help him see the picture) and Grandpa bought Marie Calendars pies for dessert (yummm......) Was it perfect? Was there crayon throwing and temper tantrums after the first few seconds? Yes, but I am determined to keep trying. It can only get better, right!

I was able to get a few photos (see above)!

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LISA said...

Hope you guys get better soon! Missed ya Sunday! Yesterday Heather had her baby! All is well! Kristen was so disappointed as the hospital wouldn't let anyone in under 18 due to H1N1. Get well,TALK TO YA SOON!