Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a quick posting.

We are sick here today. I have been in bed all day (thank goodness for Grandpa and his helping hands) and Noah has been ill too. Noah has thrown up a few times today, including all over our bed comforter and sheets (wonderful). Shane is at the doctor's office with Noah right now and thank goodness it looks to be viral. The pediatrician is going to prescribe meds to help stop the vomiting. Noah and I are trying to prevent our plague from spreading to Jonah who has surgery Monday.

On another note, Jonah is still not eating well. This is day 2 of the Periactin. We thought we were turning a corner yesterday when he acted hungry at lunch after finishing his 4 ounces of Kids Essentials. But today has been horrid as far as eating goes. We do not have him on the full dose as of yet. We may need to add that extra teaspoon in the morning. I am giving him one more day in the hopes that he will eat better tomorrow.

That is the latest. We will let you know about Jonah's surgery Monday. I hope I recover quickly because Shane may have to travel down to Madera without me on Sunday. The hospital has strict RSV guidelines right now and they only allow 2 healthy adults in with each child.

We will keep you posted.

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