Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a quick posting. I plan to get photos on the blog soon of our holiday with Grandma and Grandpa Hanna.

It was a wonderful holiday. We enjoyed lots of giggles and laughter from the boys and that is what Christmas is really all about after all. I have always felt Christmas is about children and this year confirmed what a joy children are.

By far the favorite gifts this year where the dancing, talking Elmo for Noah and a pretty darn neat karaoke v-tech keyboard for Jonah (he gets quite a kick out of hearing his voice on the microphone!)

We had lots and lots of good food (sadly) and enjoyed playing lots of Wii. Grandpa Hanna received his Wii for Christmas and we have enjoyed it quite a lot the past 24 hours. We have played everything from bowling to golfing.

We are looking forward to Disneyland next week. I have heard good things from other parents who have children with special needs. Disneyland is supposed to be very accommodating for children with special needs so I hope Jonah will enjoy the experience.

Grandpa and Grandma where able to get a room at a local time share so we will be within walking distance to the park and able to see fireworks at midnight for New Year's. It will be a lot of fun!

Shane gets this next week off and we are grateful he will be home with us.

I will post Christmas photos soon. We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday!

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